Project Manager Job In London

Project Manager Job In London



  •  We are looking for a project manager who will assist in designing, mobilising, planning and guiding projects for internal business and external customer purposes.
  • You will ensure that there is adequate capacity to maximise performance, schedule, quality, scope, finances and deliver client satisfaction, all of which are BAE Systems assurance processes (and appropriate). External assurance process). 

Employer.        BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

Location.        Guildford, London, Dublin

Salary.              Competitive

Closing date.   18 Jul 2022

Sector.            Defence , Engineering, IT

Job Role.        Business Development

Job Type.        Permanent


Key responsibilities include:

 Mobilise resources on contract award and retain it during project completion, provide leadership to project team, manage suppliers, subcontractors and partners where needed.

Maintains and maintains relationships with key stakeholders and peers (external and internal customers) and actively manages customer expectations through appropriate communication, reporting, reassurance and governance.

Overall schedule and governance with project formulation and planning including selection and / or application of appropriate procedures, procedures and tools; Completing project schedules, resources, estimates and costs and improving and enhancing implementation against an agreed schedule, milestones and cost base Project Manager.

Active management of Project RAID, financing (including margin, cost of forecasting completion, technical and administrative emergency and revenue), quality, scope and schedule performance, ensuring provision of agreed scope against agreed upon, acceptance Standards, SLAs and change.

 Requests Ensure that effective internal delivery governance and standard reporting processes are followed. Support the sales and account management team in cross-selling opportunities for renewals, extensions and business development. Close the project at the end of the engagement, including personal performance reviews, project lessons learned and reusable collateral pruning (i.e. better suggestions, updated process, reusable modules). 

Key Skills and Experience:

  • Specialises in project management skills including personal organisation, communication, negotiation, risk management and leadership.
  • Takes full responsibility for the successful completion of testimonials, documentation and projects. Serves as a key point of contact for clients, and has daily responsibilities for the service and solutions provided.
  • Have expert knowledge in one or more areas of project management methods, apply these methods to different projects and instruct others in their application.
  • Supports account managers who identify new and expanded work within or within the scope of a project, program or portfolio.
  • Excellent stakeholder and communication skills 

Life in BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

  • We are adopting hybrid working.
  • This means that you and your colleagues may be working in different locations, such as from home, at another BAE Systems office or client site, some or all of the time, and at different times of the day Project Manager. Maybe.
  • By adopting technology, we can communicate, collaborate and create together, even when we are working away from each other.
  • Hybrid working allows us to be more flexible when and where we work, helps us to balance our work and personal life more efficiently, and promotes well-being.
Project Manager Job In London

Diversity and inclusion are essential to the success of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence.

We are proud to have an organisational culture where employees from different angles, skills, life experiences and backgrounds – excellent and bright minds – can work together to achieve the best performance and individual and organisational ability.

 About BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

  • We use our intelligence-led insights to protect governments, nations and societies from cyber attacks and financial crimes.
  • Our clients rely on our emerging capabilities to help us grow our organisations safely.
  • Our unparalleled access to threat intelligence, world-renowned analysts and market-leading technology means we can help criminals adapt, prepare and stay ahead of them. 

Division Overview:

At Financial Services BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, we are proud to be a leader in the cyber defence industry, and the financial sector is one of the biggest targets of cyber attacks.

Our Financial Services Business Unit is responsible for all of our clients in the financial sector and handles all areas of these relationships.

AI’s Financial Services Division assists banks, insurers and other large financial institutions in combating fraud, unauthorised trade and money laundering, and fulfils their regulatory compliance obligations.

 As a member of the Financial Services Business Unit, you will be responsible for providing critical services to clients in the financial sector and ensuring that we remain a leading name in cybersecurity.

We all have a role to play in defending our clients, and that is yours.



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