Operational Cyber Engineer Job In London 85%

Operational Cyber Engineer Job In London


What are you doing? Understand the different development methods, and how they fit into different delivery methods. Factor operational security requirements in system design Operational Cyber Engineer, development and testing. Conduct, collaborate and encourage constructive code reviews for peers.

  • Employer          BAE Systems Digital Intelligence
  • Location           Gloucester, London
  • Salary               Competitive
  • Closing date    2 Aug 2022
  • Sector              Defence , Engineering, IT
  • Job Role         Security Engineer
  • Job Type         Permanent

Operational Cyber ​​Developer

 Location:      Gloucester or London 

  • Take a pragmatic approach to changing customer needs and preferences, reporting impacts and suggesting appropriate aspects to reduce scope.
  • Embrace emerging technologies and language trends, review useful emerging tools, and adapt and roll out.
  • Conduct software development in accordance with business and industry best practices.
  • Identify risks associated with software development tasks and mitigate and / or increase as needed.
  • Plan appropriate testing methods (e.g. physical / virtual / real world) and justify them according to different risk profiles.
  •  Model and analyse problems and solutions. From logical design to design, code and documentation software.
  • Overcoming development constraints to provide standard code within time and budget constraints.
  • Collaborate with team members to integrate advanced code into a seamless solution. Implement continuous integration where appropriate.
  • Describe and write test scripts and units, integration and system tests for the developed software. 

What we are looking for.



  • Familiarity with a variety of development tools (IDEs, debuggers, source controls).
  • Principles of high assurance development.
  • Development techniques such as unit testing, fun, continuous integration, and test-based development.
  • Understand how a specific customer domain affects software development.
  • Awareness of IT security as a major issue for companies and governments.


  • Intermediate / modern understanding of how computers work (e.g. stack / heap distillation, compiled / interpreted languages).
  • Expert in at least 1 “solution” language (such as C ++, Java, C #).
  • Expert with at least 1 “utility” language (e.g. Python, JavaScript, Perl, PowerShell)
  • Use and configure multiple major operating systems (e.g. Windows, OSX, Linux, Free BSD)
  • Able to give New languages ​​easily. 


Operational developers are expected to have a high degree of flexibility. Required: Skills: Expressing technical concerns with a non-technical audience. Innovative solution team work. Group leadership. 


  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Git
  • SVN
  • Jira
  • Linux
  • Win32 API
  • Posix
  • Networking
  • Mobile development

Security clearance is required for this position. If you do not currently have security cleared, you will need to qualify for it and be prepared to go through the process. Please click here for more guidance on national security checks. 

BAE Systems Life in Digital Intelligence

We are adopting hybrid working. This means that you and your colleagues may be working in different places, such as from home, at another BAE Systems office or client site, some or all of the time, and at different times of the day. Maybe. By adopting technology, we can communicate, collaborate and create together, even when we are working away from each other. Hybrid working allows us to be more flexible in when and where we work, helps us to balance our work and personal life more effectively, and enhances well-being. Diversity and inclusion are essential to the success of BAE Systems Digital Intelligence.

We are proud to have an organisational culture where employees from different angles, skills, life experiences and backgrounds – the best and brightest minds – can work together to achieve the best and individual and organisational ability. 

Operational Cyber Engineer Job In London 85%
Operational Cyber Engineer Job In London 85%

About BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

 We use our intelligence-led insights to protect governments, nations and societies from cyber attacks and financial crimes. Our customers rely on our emerging capabilities to help their organisations grow securely. Our unparalleled access to threat intelligence, world-leading analysts and market-leading technology means we can help criminals adapt, prepare and stay ahead of them. 

Division Review: Govt

At BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, we are proud to be a leader in the cyber defence industry, and government contracts are a field in which we have decades of experience. We have four main client groups in our Government Business Unit: UK National Security, Global National Security, Defence and Central Government. Government and key infrastructure networks are important targets for defence because the effects of violating these networks can be devastating.

As a member of the Government Business Unit, you will defend the connected world and ensure the safety of nations. We all have a role to play in defending our clients, and that’s yours.

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