KryptoKloud Cyber Security Analyst Bootcamp (Sept) 2022

KryptoKloud Cyber Security Analyst Bootcamp (Sept) 2022


Your career in cyber security, KryptoKloud offers Security Analyst Bootcamp starting in September and November. Offers Car Boot Camp.

  • Employer                 KryptoKloud
  • Location                  Lincolnshire
  • Salary                      N/A
  • Closing date           23 Sep 2022
  • Sector                     Education, Security, Training
  • Job Role                 Security Analyst, SOC Analyst, Junior
  • Job Type                 Fixed Term Contract

**** KryptoKloud is proud to announce that our Cyber ​​Academy is now an approved “Learning Provider” under the Armed Forces Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme.

If you are a veteran or soon to be discharged from the armed forces, policing sector or just looking to specialise and build your career in cyber security, KryptoKloud offers Cyber Security Analyst starting in September and November. Offers Car Boot Camp.

The course offers 15 hours of SOC experience in a live environment which is a great addition to your CV!

Our next Cyber ​​Analyst Bootcamp will be delivered 12-23 September 2022 and is ideal for those looking to re-skill and re-train in a new career in cyber security, our new UK Cyber ​​& Intelligence Gender is provided in the academy.

The “Cyber ​​Operational” focus of the course includes at least 15 hours.

Hands-on cyber operational and client facing activities and experience.

KryptoKloud Cyber Security Analyst Bootcamp (Sept) 2022
KryptoKloud Cyber Security Analyst Bootcamp (Sept) 2022
  • Basic Principles of Networking (Pre-Phase Training)
  • Commenting related skills
  • CompTIA Security+
  • ISO 27001 Basic Principles
  • 15 hours of security operations experience in our Cyber ​​Intelligence Centre

Follow dedicated cyber analyst guidance and support.

Register on Eventbrite here: Cyber ​​Analyst Bootcamp – Price £2,695

There are currently a staggering 10,000 cyber job vacancies across the UK, with this set to increase by a further 33% over the next ten years. With a widening skill gap, our training experience offers an excellent opportunity to fill these positions, in an exciting and future-proof career. The skills you will acquire will give you the foundation to confidently navigate the promotion and leadership ladder within the cyber analyst network and greatly enhance your employability in cyber.

The Cyber ​​Analyst Bootcamp is an intensive 2-week experience that will provide you with all the processes, knowledge and skills to become a competent and competent Level 1 Cyber ​​Analyst. Our aim is to support you, not only in this face-to-face course but afterwards with 1-2-1 support to help you move forward in your new career. Here at CryptoCloud we have excellent industry contacts to help you on your cyber journey.

Our course will be limited to a maximum of fifteen candidates per intake, giving you excellent in-house training with access to a fully operational SOC along with on-the-job experience. We will require you to do some pre-online training/course work to establish your existing knowledge, so that we can tailor your learning. Our intensive course will cover the following:

We are including all the above courses for a price of £2695 + exam retake costs.

To book your slot, please click on the links below. All applicants will be asked to pre-qualify by completing a short online questionnaire (at the link above) and if successful will be contacted for a quick 5 minute interview with our BD Manager. Your eligibility can be explored. You will then be sent the necessary link to reserve your slot. A £250 deposit will be required at this stage, with the balance due 4 weeks before training starts.

Job In UK

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