Assistant Manager, Finance - Agency Operations

Assistant Manager, Finance – Agency Operations


Assistant Manager, Finance providing national policy and strategic advice on the civil space sector.


Salary $109,933 to $116,747

Opportunity Type Full-Time;Part-Time

Opportunity Status Ongoing;Non-Ongoing

Opportunity Employment Type Specified Term

Opportunity Employment Type Details Non-ongoing opportunities will be for an initial period of up to 18 months, with possibility of extension

APS Classification Executive Level 1

Closing Date 30/06/2022

Job Category Accounting, Finance


The agency’s responsibilities include:

Coordinating the activities of Australia’s domestic space sector. Leading national and international space engagements. Supporting the development of Australia’s space industry and the use of space in the wider economy, including the government’s flagship space program, the Moon to Mars Initiative. Legislation on space activities and fulfillment of our international obligations. Influencing the next generation of Australian community and space entrepreneurs

Our ideal candidate

agency is a high-performing, collaborative and fast-moving team. We are looking for a leader who can inspire and provide financial excellence, work in business functions and provide exceptional corporate services. The Assistant Manager is part of the finance agency’s operating team. The operating team coordinates corporate activities throughout the agency – including: Property and Facilities Management Corporate Support Services Corporate Budget and Financial Management Enterprise Risk Management Governance, Secretariat and Coordination Project Governance, Controls and Assurance Business Intelligence Australian Space Disc Operations.

Assistant Manager, Finance - Agency Operations

The Assistant Manager, Finance must demonstrate the following experience:

Understand the Australian Government grant and procurement process, such as Commonwealth Grant Guidelines and Procurement Rules. Managing finance and budget for the team / major project in the context of the Australian Government. Strong understanding of the PGPA Act as it applies to financial management. Assistant Manager, Finance support new policy suggestions and / or capital bids. Financial analysis, tracking and reporting. Proven ability to work independently with a high level of strategic thinking, business acumen and problem solving skills and experience providing leadership.

Ability to work at a very high professional standard in a high pressure, complex environment. Flexible and adaptable to changing preferences and circumstances. Be part of a team that promotes a culture of continuous improvement, teamwork, honesty and respect. Required: Financial or accounting background / qualifications. Mutual, collaborative and negotiating skills, including liaising with them and fostering positive working relationships: Technical Staff Grants Recipients Administration Officers Senior Government Leaders.


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